Tampere Burlesque is determined to bring all kinds of workshops and learning possibilities to everyone who is craving to learn more about the art of burlesque. Olivia and Stella teach plenty of workshops themselves and Olivia also teaches weekly classes at the Dance Studio Razzmatazz as well as in her own School of Burlesque.

In addition to this Tampere Burlesque brings many talents and teachers from all over the world  to provide you with the BEST quality of teaching there is.

You can also ask for private lessons, hen party workshops and classes for your event or whatnot through us! Just contact us via e-mail We are more than happy to be at your service!


23.9 Fan dance workshop with Missy Malone, 35 € / per person @ Tanssistudio Razzmatazz, sign up at
7.10 7.10 Phot-O-Rama photoshoot day, 375 € / per person @ Studio Anna-Liisa Nikus, sign up at
8.10 Beginner's Guide to Burlesque with Olivia Rouge, 30€ / per person @ Tanssistudio Razzmatazz. Sign up at
28.10 Fosse / Cabaret dance workshop with Clea Cutthroat, 40 € / per person (Tampere Burlesquen members 35 € / per person) @ Tanssistudio Razzmatazz, sign up at
23.11 Floorwork foundations workshop with Lola Frost, 40 € / per person (Tampere Burlesquen members 35 € / per henkilö) @ Tanssistudio Razzmatazz, sign up at
2.12 Workshops for beginner burlesque stars, 30€/35€ per workshop, both for 55€. Sign up at